Ons Plek Directory exists to bring buyers and sellers together. In order to achieve this in a safe and scam-free environment, there are a few rules applied to advertising your goods or services.

The below information serves as the Ons Plek Advertising Policy detailing to users the rules regarding ad placement on Ons Plek and informs which ads will not be accepted for the safety of all buyers and sellers:

Advertising Policy

Ads not allowed –

  • NO foul language, defamatory comments, racism, sexism, derogatory labels or any form of   discrimination.
  • NO political and religious advertisement advocating one specific group and their beliefs.
  • NO automatic weapons, exploding/fragmenting ammunition, grenades, bombs, explosive devices, rockets, altered firearms. NB: standard ammunition like hunting ammunition is allowed.
  • NO weapons / ammunition to swop for another / other goods/services.
  • NO ads for wanted firearms, ammunition or weapons of any kind.
  • NO agricultural remedies.
  • NO free accommodation.
  • NO eBook / Kindle / Gobi etc. data or software. Devices may be accepted, if price is all inclusive on device and whatever books have already been downloaded (no price “per book”)
  • NO imported cars, unless specifically stated that they have all paperwork / import documents.
  • NO free internet, where by-passing a service provider is mentioned.
  • NO warnings or complaints as ad text, against scammers or other ads
  • NO unacceptable images depicting nudity, sex, violence, cruelty etc.
  • NO adverts requesting money or airtime as donations. (other donation requests for clothes or furniture is allowed)
  • NO ads referring to illegal content, goods, activities or services (included here are illegal substances and drugs of any kind).
  • NO ads for tobacco, or tobacco products (including e-cigarette, Twisp, Vape etc. liquid/flavours). We do allow the devices themselves to be advertised.
  • NO ads for alcohol or alcohol related products as private / free advertising. Collectors items like vintage wines are allowed as these will not be consumed, and are instead an investment
  • NO ads indicating “takeover of installments” on home loans or vehicle financing. (wanted or on offer)
  • NO links to or mention of ads on competitor websites.
  • NO Gambling ads, or links to gambling websites or services relating to the creation of gambling websites.
  • NO ads stating “Blacklisted/ITC clients welcome” on vehicle, property etc. (prohibited by the NCA)
  • NO seeking or offering services for hacking
  • NO ads mentioning the practice of / services for “mileage correction” on vehicles.
  • NO free internet ads, where by-passing a service provider is mentioned
  • NO pirated media (Music, software, movies, e-books, games…). If the games, movies, music are on any form of external memory – it is no longer original.
  • NO pirate copies of brand names in clothes, handbags, accessories.
  • NO “work from home” ads that are non-descript “sending of e-mails” or data entry/capture online.Also no “pyramid schemes” where the income is generated from registration fees alone. Included here are stokvel ads, also.
  • NO uncut diamonds to be sold/advertised. This is illegal. EXCEPTION for shaped / cut diamonds advertised, must have a diamond grading certificate or proof of purchase available for the buyer and state this fact in the ad.

Specified BRAND banned list – copyright

  • Le Creuset
  • AUTOCOM vehicle diagnostic tools
  • BONNOX fencing
  • 100% Eyewear
  • FitLife products
  • DRIMAC jackets
  • FLOW beehives (or any beehive with flow technology)
  • PIGGY BACK trailers.

Consumables  –

  • Fresh Vegetables and unprocessed foods/feeds are welcome – this includes corn, hay, beans, lusern etc. Included here are bird seeds/feed.
  • Also welcome, are catering companies who advertise their services or prepared MEALS for delivery
  • Conditional rules apply to dog/cat food (prepared animal feeds/pellets), which we will allow only if advertised by Pet Supply stores or Veterinary clinics.
  • Conditional rules for all dairy products (milk, cheese, ice cream etc.)  – The ad must contain the company name and street address.

Property –

  • NO discrimination against race, religion, sex or creed when advertising a property for sale / to rent.
  • NO RDP homes for sale or to rent.
  • When advertising accommodation to SHARE, ad may specify men / women only – but no other exclusions, and ONLY when accommodation is to share.

Medical –

  • NO use of or reference to a virus by name in ads as a marketing tool. i.e. CORONA / COVID-19 / AIDS / CANCER etc. 
  • All ads for medical/surgical face masks, hand sanitizer, surgical gloves are only allowed for business advertisers. Company name must appear in the ad text. 
  • NOTE – ads for HOMEMADE masks are allowed.
  • NO Organs for transplantation
  • NO Seeking or offering surrogate motherhood
  • NO Seeking or offering sperm or ova
  • NO Medication. Prescription or otherwise.
  • NO Diet products or supplements.
  • NO Abortion services, abortion medication etc. (Termination of pregnancy)
  • NO Seeking or offering adoption
  • NO cosmetic enhancement & cosmetic surgery adverts, including penis/breast/bum/hips enlargements.
  • NO embalming power, embalming liquid, embalming tools or embalming services. NB: Funeral services and sale of new coffins are allowed.
  • NO adverts for pro-anorexia sites (Ana/Mia)
  • NO adverts making claims to cure or treat any illnesses/medical condition.
  • NO Alternative medicine, e.g. spiritual healers, astrologists, crystal therapists, Sangomas, traditional healers, herbalists, psychics etc.

Adult –

  • NO fetish, bondage, sadism or anything related
  • NO Daytime fun / hook up for sex ads
  • NO Sex toys. Exception – Ads for underwear is allowed, but look at the text and images to remove any inappropriate terms / images.
  • NO adult content: DVD’s, books, movies
  • NO Sex education
  • NO couples or married people seeking friends.
  • NO Hentai / Porn or sexual games
  • NO Escorts / prostitutes
  • NO Swingers or orgies.

Jobs –

  • NO sexual job ads
  • NO live in maids/secretary “willing to go the extra mile” type of ads.
  • NO ads seeking nude models
  • Job seekers have to be 18 or older
  • ONLY work from home ads where a product will be sold, stating the company name, and where you will be selling the product from, will be allowed. E.g. Avon. These ads can be placed as free online only ads, or as paid ads in print through Job Mail. NO “work from home” ads that are non-descript “sending of e-mails” or data entry online.Also no “pyramid schemes” where the income is generated from registration fees alone – it must state a product being sold, or service offered along with the company name and web link.

ALL Job ads including modelling opportunities need to contain the following information:

  • Company name
  • Location
  • Contact number
  • Description of the job/assignment
  • Details of salary remuneration offered.


  • English/Afrikaans ads only
  • Cash for gold/pawn shops are allowed
  • Social media and links to business sites are fine. (No links to competitor sites)
  • Antique firearms, air guns, paintball guns, flare guns, pepper spray and stun guns are allowed.

No Duplicates –

Duplicates are defined as more than 1 ad placed by the same user for the same content within 7 days. i.e.: if a user places an advertisement for a lawnmower on Monday and he/she wants to place the same ad on Wednesday, this will be taken as a duplicate and removed/rejected.

Duplicate ads would also be ads duplicated across multiple regions or categories. REMEMBER – multiple selected regions in ONE ad, is allowed. As this will not duplicate the ad. BUT – placing the same ad more than once, and selecting a different region every time = duplicate.

E.g. the same ad for services offered, in multiple regions and categories would be seen as duplicates.

Ads where the same text is repeated with different images, or vice versa would also be seen as duplicates. Include here ads where the text is merely jumbled from ad to ad, but still offer the same item or service.

The duplicates rule is a blanket rule and applies to free and paid ads.

Ads allowed as COMMERCIAL PAID advertising ONLY

These are trade ads only and cannot be placed as free ads.

  • All ads offering financial services. Small loans, get out of debt, blacklisted etc.
  • All ads for “rent-to-own” vehicles.
  • All ads for medical aid, insurance or related – including funeral policies. The ad text must state the underwriting company name, as well as the wording ” registered financial services provider” (FSP)
  • All ads related to Fireworks .



  • NO animals free to good home / give away adverts allowed.
  • NO animals to swop for other animals / services / goods
  • NO animals to be sold for “slaughter” or meat.
  • Animals advertised must have a minimum price –
    • Small mammals (hamsters, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs etc.) + poultry + birds = min price R50 each.
    • All OTHER animals (dogs, cats, horses, livestock etc. ) = min price R100 per animal.
  • NO pregnant animals for sale.
  • Livestock babies must be at least 8 wks old (calves, lambs, piglets, kids, fowls). The date of birth or current age of the animal must be stated in the ad.
  • FOAL min age must be 6 months. we will require current age or birth date of the foal. IF the foal is sold WITH the Mare then min age is not applicabel but birth date is still required.
  • Minimum age for birds to be sold: For larger bird species – min. age 6 months (24 weeks). For smaller bird species – min, age 3 months (12 weeks.) NB: the age of the bird must be stated in the ad.
  • NO birds are to be sold for “hand-rearing”
  • NO Geese/Ducks to be advertised specifically for “plucking of feathers”.
  • NO animals to be offered for the live feeding of other animals – includes “pienkies”(baby mice), day-old chicks etc.
  • NO insects/bugs are to be sold for the ‘live feeding of animals’ – adverts may not contain wording that explicitly states that this would be the outcome of the sale.
  • NO eggs for hatching or day old chicks of any poultry to be advertised (also used for live feeding of other predators)
  • NO FURS of any kind.
  • NO animal skins of predators or exotic animals. Farm animals and Antelopes (if not on the exclusion list) is fine.
  • NO animal bones / by-products allowed.
  • NO hunting trophies allowed.
  • NO ivory and/or any elephant products
  • NO rhino horns and/or any rhino products
  • NO Donkeys to be advertised for sale/wanted – this includes Donkey hides or products. Donkeys are in high demand due the use of their hides in Chinese medicine.
  • NO farmed animals or ads specifying that the animal is to be used for work / mating / covering / stud services.
  • No animals to be sold as “breeding pairs” (except for birds, if the breed is not exotic or on the exclusion list).
  • Prohibited cosmetic procedures:

Tail docking (in contravention of the APA and veterinary act / illegal unless medically required)

– adverts for these breeds must include a clear image, showing the tails: Jack Russel / Foxterrier / Doberman / Boxer / Bullmastiff

Cropped ears (in contravention of the APA and veterinary act / illegal unless medically required)

Pinioning (wing clipping) – Ads are not to mention pinioning or offer the option/services of pinioning.

The pets section is not intended to facilitate uncontrolled breeding, irresponsible pet trading, trade of dogs or any other animal for the purposes of dog fighting, guarding or stud services

Dogs & Cats –

  • Age restrictions: We require either BIRTH DATE or CURRENT AGE of the dog/cat. If the puppy/kitten is not 8 weeks old yet – pls add the wording “ready at 8 weeks” (this MUST be stated in the advert)
    • Dogs must be at least 8 weeks old
    • Cats must be at least 8 weeks old
  • NO dogs or cats wanted / looking for adverts allowed.
  • NO dogs wanted or offered as security / guard dogs, or services offered to TRAIN dogs as security / guard dogs.
  • NO ads pertaining to dog racing (this is illegal) or hunting (using dogs).
  • NO training equipment or any equipment described as “conditioning” equipment or “for the conditioning of” i.e. dog treadmills, spring poles, flirt poles, shock collars or anti-barking collars.
  • NO ads referring to “game dog” or as having the quality of “gameness” or from a “game bloodline” as these are terms used to describe fighting dogs
  • NO ads offering mating / covering / stud services

Specific breed banned list:

  • Pit Bull Terriers
  • American Pit Bull Terriers
  • American Staffordshire Terriers Aka Amstaff
  • Bull Terriers
  • Staffordshire Terriers or Staffies
  • Japanese Tosas
  • Sharpeis
  • Malamutes
  • Dogo Argentinaos (Argentinian Fighting Dogs)
  • Fila Braseleiro (Brazilian Fighting Dogs)
  • Boerboels
  • Miperro De Presa Canario
  • Rottweiler
  • Wolves
  • Red/Blue Nose Carvers
  • Cane Corso
  • Dapple or double dapple Dachshund/worshond
  • Russian Blue cat breed
  • Savannah cat breed

NO Cross Breeds of any of the above banned breeds

Ads must mention the breeds, and with cross breeds must mention both breeds.

Mammals, reptiles, birds –

  • NO animal that is specified on any of the NEMBA lists as invasive, endangered or prohibited – is allowed to be advertised. This includes animals on CITES lists.
  • NO venomous snakes should be sold. Snakes breeds not allowed (but not limited to) – Boa Constrictors, Burmese Python, Copperhead, Ramsays Python, Sand Python, Diamond/Carpet Python, Cobra.
  • NO Bearded dragons.
  • NO Chameleons
  • NO Tortoises, Turtles –  including Leopard tortoises, Slider turtles etc. (very difficult to identify if indigenous or exotic)
  • NO Terrapins (not allowed to be kept as pets)
  • NO Spiders e.g. Baboon spiders and Wolf spiders, Tarantulas – nb: no OBT (Orange Baboon Tiger)
  • NO exotic mammals are allowed to be sold due to differing legislation and permit requirements in the various provinces.
    • Sugar gliders
    • Sloths
    • Coati mundi
    • Foxes
    • Racoons
    • Tenrecs
    • Squirrels
    • Mongooses
    • Dassies
    • Chinchillas
  • Rabbits must be 6 weeks old before they can be sold. Please supply birth date or current age.
  • Mice / Guinea pigs / Hamsters must be 4 weeks old before they can be sold. Please supply birth date or current age.
  • NO Ferrets (these are illegal to own)
  • NO Shrews, Otters (these are listed as ‘vulnerable’)
  • NO Hedgehogs including African Pygmy
  • NO “teacup pigs” – there is no such breed of pigs. They still grow up to be full size pigs.
  • NO dangerous large predators e.g. Lions, Tigers, Puma, Jaguar, Leopard etc.
  • NO Caracal and Servets
  • NO Jackals
  • NO wolves, Timber wolves or hybrids thereof
  • NO Dingos, Coyotes or hybrids thereof
  • NO primates to be sold, currently it is legal to keep / adopt / sell primates with the correct permits however on the recommendation of animal rights organisations these will not be advertised due to the fact that permits are not obtained to transport as well as the immense suffering they will be subjected to by being kept as pets. Includes Capuchin or Marmoset monkeys
  • NO Meercats
  • NO Moles(these are endangered – critical red list)
  • NO Okapi, Oribi (these are endangered – critical red list)
  • NO Duiker, Steenbok, Impala, Springbok, Eland, Sable
  • Fish species not allowed (not limited to) Catfish, Mosquito Fish, Piranha, Eels, Cichlids, Crayfish, Bass, Plecos, Loaches, Ghost Shrimp, Trout, Salmon, Talipia – ads for tank with fish, MUST mention the species included
  • NO African penguins, cockatoos (these are endangered – critical red list)
  • DUCKS NOT ALLOWED ARE (not limited to): Mallard ducks (an invasive species – NEMBA Biodiversity Act 10 -2004) – ads for waterfowl MUST mention the species
  • Bird species not allowed (but not limited to) Macaw, Sun Conure, Waxbills, Jardines, Rosella, Ringnecks, Crested quail, Turquiose parrot, Green checked conure, Gouldian Finch, Red-rumped parrot or any exotic Parrots, birds of prey and birds requiring permits – ads for aviary with birds, MUST MENTION THE SPECIES
  • NO African Grey bird species to be advertised.
  • NO Helmeted Guinea Fowl be advertised.
  • NO Indian mynahs
  • NO birds of prey:
    • NO Owls
    • NO Crows
    • NO Eagles
    • NO Falcons