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Products or Services

1.Auricular acupuncture, cupping, Rife treatment, counselling.
2.Cannabis products.
3.Colloidal silver and liquid oxygen.

  • a b… Sleep!, is a dry plant matter infused with our own recipe of oils that assists with sleeping and wellbeing. This capsule doesn’t induce sleep. It is very subtle in its functioning.
  • Honey Breeze. Raw honey infused with THC. It helps with sleeping and all lung and chest related conditions.
  • Open Air. Humidifying oil for most chest and lung conditions. It consists of full spectrum cannabis, Virgin olive oil, Frankincense and Eucalyptus
  • Pain balm, is available in three strengths X, XX, XXX. This is a topical product and not meant for oral use
  • Relax. Facial moisturiser. Full spectrum cannabis with a water-based cream. Non-scented.
  • Full spectrum THC and olive oil for pain in a drop form. Used for Crohn’s disease, bone cancer, leukaemia and many more conditions.
  • Easy Pet. Calming herbs for pets. 30 capsules per bottle. Helps with many different conditions for your cat or dog.
  • Pet balm, for irritable skin in cats and dogs
  • Suppositories.  Full spectrum cannabis for pain in the lower part of the body, does not have any hallucinogenic effect
  • Tea. Sleep and calming tee
  • Happy chaps, for calming and focus during the day for adults and children
  • Colloidal silver. Natures own antibiotic. Kills all bad bacteria, viruses and preserves the good.  Beneficial for all ages
  • Liquid oxygen. To add oxygen via the digestive system to the rest of the body

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