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  • Message jars
  • Variety of empty bottles
  • Product as promotional items
  • Attached please find my brochures.
  • Please indicate your preference and quantities.  When I have your requirements a formal quotation will be sent
  • Please note – discount on bulk orders apply
  • Below the price list for the “normal” bottles

Normal – Screw or Flip tops 
50ml       R5.50
100ml      R6.50
250ml    R7.00
500ml    R9.50
1 litre      R13.50

Lotion Pump action
250ml  R13.00
500ml  R21.00
1 litre   R22.50

Mist Spray bottles
50ml  R10.00
100ml    R13.50
250ml    R15.50
500ml    R17.50
1 litre    R22.00

Variety bottles available:
Cosmetic jars – Bottles with mists, pump or caps – Sauce bottles – Oil bottles – Buckets – Chemical range – Medical range – Glass food range – Glass medical range


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